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Monster Superhero's Fight for Survival

4.8 ( 2688 ratings )
Spil Underholdning Action Eventyr
Forfatter: Muhammad Jehanzeb Zubair

When crime and felony crosses all boundaries, need for a super hero arises. In this action filled gameplay full of vice and evil, you get to be the Super Monster Hero. In this game an evil experiment by the villains fails and you escape their captivity to take revenge. Super Monster Hero allows you to experience pure fighting skill and unmatched reflexes for the sake of revenge. Fight hefty and powerful gangsters; use your skills and instincts to drag the shadows of evil down to mortality.
Be the protagonist, fight against wicked monsters and progress through the game as you push the potentials of the Monster hero and make use of the impressive fighting tactics under several aesthetically designed missions.
Download now and be the Monster Hero the world awaits!
• Stunning 3D gameplay
• Responsive controls
• 10 different aesthetically designed missions
• Appealing and synchronized sound effects
• Variety of fighting techniques
• Distinctive Action gameplay